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Highly sensitive children


Do you think that your child might be highly sensitive?
Would you like to know more about what behaviour constitutes a highly sensitive child, and how to handle it?

Enjoy herbal drops
, a synergy of seven different plants, can be used to support highly sensitive children and adults in a natural way.

Behavioural characteristics of a highly sensitive child:

The list below sums up common features of highly sensitive children. A highly sensitive child doesn't have to relate to every single one of these symptoms, but if he or she ticks a few of these boxes, they may be highly sensitive. 

1. They are aware of subtle changes very quickly (vision, sound, texture, atmosphere).
2. They have an eye for detail: spots the smallest crumb lying on the floor, for example.
3. They are very easily startled by sudden noises.
4. They are sensitive to beauty: colour combinations, layout, nature, food.
5. They are easily overwhelmed when in large crowds (including school).
6. They become stressed over (small) changes and when unexpected events take place.
7. They prefer to feel out the situation before taking part in new situations.
8. They become upset or withdrawn after experiencing poor sleep. 
9. They become tired quickly, and need a lot of sleep to gain energy.
10. They regularly have difficulties falling asleep.
11. They are sensitive to social experiences. 
12. They can easily pick up on emotions in others, such as sadness, insecurity, irritation etc.
13. They seem to 'read other people's minds'. 
14. They are very committed to others. For example: becomes sad when the other person is sad.
15. They perform way better when nobody's watching.
16. They are afraid of making mistakes and gets upset when things go wrong.
17. They don't like to let other people down, and constantly need recognition.
18. They are sensitive to touch. 
19. They demands a change of clothes when theirs have become (slightly) wet, or dirty.
20. They get upset when approached in a stern manner.
21. They respond positively to a clear, yet friendly, correction.
22. They tend to forget about their own needs in order to help others.
23. They are very sensitive to pain, and cries easily when even slightly hurt.
24. They are deeply hurt by negative comments from others.
25. They prefer the 1:1 over group gatherings.
26. They are a perfectionist. For example, they throw away a colouring picture when they've failed to colour between the lines.
27. They have a hard time dealing with noisy place, and get upset or withdraw completely.
28. They have deep experiences, asks profound questions, and makes wise remarks 'out of the blue'
29. They craves harmony, and need a calm atmosphere in order to relax.
30. They are moved by small things: flowers, animals etc.
31. They are kind-hearted, and often show expressions of love such as a hug or kind comment.

Source: Janneke van Olphen - enVie | Raise Sensitivity

How can Enjoy herbal drops help highly sensitive children? 
The Enjoy herbal drops balance out the water element. When a child has an abundance of the water element, they are extremely caring and sensitive, and manage to absorb everything like a 'sponge'. In this way, they tend to lose balance. The Enjoy herbal drops will guard your child against stress, and support them to feel powerful and less removed from their surroundings.

Lieve Plasch - Lic. Psychology

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