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The four massage creams in the spotlight


Herewith, a powerful introduction about everything you need to know about our massage creams:
By applying the massage creams on the skin and certain meridian points, balance and harmony is restored from the outside of the body, in.

From a holistic perspective, Body and Spirit are inseparable: anxiety, fear, sadness, stress, low energy, and/or concentration problems indicate an imbalance or disturbance.

    What cream can help you?
1. Trust cream: This cream is calming and helps to release tension and anxiety, thus restoring balance. The Trust Massage Cream helps you to rediscover peace and makes it possible for you to relax again.
Psychologically: Suitable for anxiety, nervousness, restless and negative thoughts. The ideal cure for inner turmoil, both mentally and physically. It's also perfect for those who tend to worry to such an extend that it interferes with their sleep, as well as those suffering from hyperactivity (also suitable for children).
Physical: Trust massage cream calms your nerves when you are overstressed, and helps you relax and regain your natural sleep rhythm. By restoring inner peace, your digestive discomforts caused by stress will get better as well.

2. Enjoy cream: I bring joy and help you deal with stress more effectively. Enjoy Massage Cream brings you closer to your centre once again, allowing you to rely on your gut feeling. Enjoy is the perfect remedy for stress and high sensitivity.
Psychologically: Good for gloomy thoughts, mood swings, emotional pain and grief.
Physically: Enjoy Massage Cream helps you to relax and fight physical effects of stress, such as palpitations, gastrointestinal discomfort, anxiety, insomnia, depression etc. It also helps women who are experiencing hormonal fluctuations, such as premenstrual syndrome, menstrual problems, menopausal symptoms etc.

3. Empower cream: This cream energizes and encourages you to get moving once again. 
Psychologically: Suitable for depression and mental fatigue.
Physically: Empower massage cream fights fatigue, apathy and faintness, and helps rid the body of illnesses. It is an invigorating, stimulating cream that has a warming effect and increases blood flow.

4. Focus cream: I bring mental freshness and focused attention. This cream stimulates clear thinking, adds perspective and also ensures a good mood.
Psychologically: Suitable for concentration problems and nervous breakdowns.

How do you use the cream? 

Apply a small amount of massage cream to the soles of your feet (or any other meridian points of the body). 
Gently massage for 5 to 10 minutes, or longer if desired.
Trust and Enjoy: in the morning, afternoon or at night
Empower or Focus: due to the exhilarating effect, it's advised to use it during the day only, as it can interrupt your sleep when taken at night. 

Choose a balanced life and get inspired by the four elements: earth, water, air and fire.
Balanced Regards,
Lieve Plasch
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