Blog 5th of October 2017

Fall whispers: "meet yourself by letting go of your sense of obligation"


Fall is a beautiful season, although for some people it may get rough. Temperatures are declining, the days are getting shorter, and every now and then a rainstorm hits us. Despite all of this, fall, and the lovely colours it provides us with, is a charming season.

Time to let go

From an energetic perspective, fall is connected to the 'metal' element (according to Chinese medicine). The metal element stands for nature's release of energy, but also the letting go of matter. It gets darker, colder and more quiet outside, and the plants and animals withdraw.

When people tune in to this cycle, it can be seen as an invitation to turn inward. During the fall season we are not as socially active because the days are shorter and our attention is turned more towards our inner being than we do during spring or summer.

It is time to rest and turn inward through reflection and meditation. It is a time for quiet and peaceful activities such as solving jigsaw puzzles, reading, colouring mandala's, playing cards, or drinking a cup of tea on the sofa.

The tree in the forest lets go of everything during fall, and staggeringly whispers: release is necessary to reinforce your life!

The spiritual meaning of fall is, simply put, the release of anything that is redundant or restraining. The same way trees drop their leaves; slowly, one at the time.

Fall is the season to learn from, and refine, your experiences from last spring and summer. This is associated with reflection, contemplation, and perhaps writing down insights and feelings in a personal journal. You could, for example, start cleaning the house, rearranging your cupboards, and getting rid of the unnecessary.

Commence your autumn habits

The start of fall is the ideal time to commence a detox plan; to free yourself from toxins and waste. By cleansing the body and mind, you free your mind, inducing a feeling of liberation.

When we change our lifestyle to suit seasons, we rebalance our body and mind through the world around us. That is why it is important to nurture yourself with food from your own region or climate. It strengthens our natural cycle. We require more food during fall, and apples, pears, carrots, pumpkins, nuts, grains are all perfect for your weekly menu. Soup and compote (apple or pear sauce), too, give you better immunity to colds and flu.

To feel good during fall essentially means to go with the flow of nature: go to bed early, engage in peaceful activities, and generate a cozy feeling inside the house.

Are you going through a rough time? Are you in a slump this fall?

The Enjoy herbal drops can help you push through those rough times. They add harmony and relaxation, and can help you out in the attempt of letting go.

I advise the Empower herbal drops for those who would like to start an autumn detox plan. Empower is the ideal synergy that helps you let go on an emotional, physical and mental level. Guarding yourself against winter time starts with a pure body.

Above all, try to enjoy the extra time you create for yourself, and immerse yourself in the beautiful, warm colours of autumn.

I wish you a remarkably cozy time this fall!

Lieve Plasch
M.Sc. Psychology

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