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Here's How To Detox For Spring... And Why It's So Important


During spring, our bodies begin to feel a change due to the rising temperature. And with this change, a detox is a very important and powerful process for a re-awakening and a much-needed energy boost. As we move away from the cold and sometimes uncomfortable weather, and begin to be more active and on-the-go, some people tend to feel more sluggish and depressed. This is often known as 'Spring Fatigue'. 

The most common symptoms are:

  • persisting fatigue
  • irritability 
  • head and body aches
  • dizziness 
  • bad circulation 
  • burnout and depression
  • listlessness
  • meteoro sensitivity
  • a drop in blood pressure

It is during this time, we physically crave a fresh start as well as an energy boost. For that reason, our bodies begin to work extremely hard to get rid of toxins and waste, which is why detoxification is crucial on the brink of the coming season. 

What happens if we do not detox effectively? 
It is important that we listen to our bodies and give it the attention and care that it needs. And if we do so correctly, our bodies will detoxify to the best of its ability, leaving us to feel fresh and restored. But of late, the process of detoxification is harder than it was years ago. This is due to external factors such as environmental toxins and stress. Which is why it is imperative to try and limit these kinds of negative stimuli during the coming of spring. 

Sometimes however, it's true that it is not exactly feasible, as we cannot always escape our every day stressors. In this case, you can add a few new routines to your day, such as visiting a sauna, going outside for fresh air, engaging in exercise, and eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Additionally, you can add a herbal remedy to help give you energy and to reduce the feelings of fatigue during this time. 

Empower herbal drops, an effective remedy for detoxification 
Often, we underestimate the power of plants when it comes to its healing properties. But these natural resources work in a gentle way, without the dreaded side effects. Additionally, natural medicine gives ones body a boost in the right direction, so that its self-healing powers are set back into motion. And one such herbal remedy that is perfect for Spring Fatigue, is Empower herbal drops.

Empower herbal drops is a natural energy booster that helps accelerate the detoxification process. It gives you a feeling of revitalization, strength, and added endurance during a mental and physical slump. 

How do the Empower herbal drops work?
With these herbal drops, the healing power of nature is used to rid the body of old toxins, waste products, and emotional distress. It stimulates the body and mind in times of mental and physical lethargy, and reduces and even prevents the symptoms of sluggishness, listlessness, burnout, and depression. In turn, they provide you with a feeling of energy, support, and joy. 

These herbal drops contain a powerful combination of natural herbs that have been meticulously chosen to fight the signs of fatigue:

  • Birch and stinging nettle are used for their cleansing properties, supporting the detoxification process. 

  • Rosemary helps to improve blood circulation which increases your level of energy, and regulates your blood pressure. It also induces a feeling of being well-rested and calm. 

  • Centaury helps to reduces stress and minimises the symptoms of exhaustion and lack of physical energy. 

  • Gulden Primrose helps to fight head and body aches that are accompanied with the start of a new detox regime. 

  • Marigold and milk thistle offer support for your liver and gallbladder whilst your body undergoes the various changes due to detox and the coming of new seasons.

Together, these natural ingredients work tirelessly to give you the much needed energy boost during times of burnout and stress. 

For additional information, you can read more about these seven active ingredients, and you can purchase the Empower herbal drops by clicking here.

Sincerely, Lieve Plasch
Liz. Psychology.

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