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Reduce Anxiety and Be Happy Today With One Simply Solution - Pets!

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If you're an animal lover, then you're in for some good news! It turns out that our fury (or not-so-fury) friends are not only a great companion, but also a great source of happiness. In this way, having one or more pets in the household can improve your overall wellbeing by improving your health and giving you emotional comfort.

1. They're The Ultimate Mood Booster

There are many ways in which owning a pet can improve your mood. They are extremely loyal friends who offer unconditional love, and they have the ability to give humans a sense of responsibility and purpose. This, in turn, helps boost one's self-esteem.

Additionally, having an animal in the house can effectively hinder feelings of loneliness and depression, and increase feelings of joy and happiness. That is why various groups of people, such as the elderly or the disabled, use animals as a form of therapy - be it for physical or mental reasons.

Animals also bring about feelings of peace and serenity in times of stress. By stroking or petting a dog or a cat, or even watching fish swim inside a tank can be extremely therapeutic and relaxing, and leads to lower blood pressure and cholesterol. It also increases your level of serotonin and dopamine - the happy hormones.

2. They Teach Children About Responsibility

For children especially, owning a pet is a great way in which to learn all about responsibility and to acquire new skills. By giving your child tasks that contribute to the welfare of your pet, such as cleaning out a cage or feeding them, they're able to learn about the importance of routine and responsibility while developing their nurturing and empathy skills. These are all great skills that are much-needed and transferable into their adult life.

3. They're A Natural Pain Reliever
It has been found that owning a pet is an effective pain reliever as they have the ability to reduce anxiety which, in turn, reduces pain. In fact, a study conducted at Loyola University showed that pet owners living with chronic pain, such as migraines and arthritis, felt significantly less pain than those who do did not have any pets.

4. They Help Develop Your Social Skills
For dog owners, it is especially important that you go for a walk with your pup. This is because dogs crave exercise to ward off boredom and to release excess energy, and it gives them much needed mental and sensory stimulation. This daily ritual is also a positive for owners, as walking is extremely beneficial for us humans too. Additionally, by walking in areas rife with other dogs and their owners, you may be able to connect with others who too share a love for dogs.

5. They Keep Our Heart Healthy
Pets not only contribute to a figuratively happy heart, but also to a physically healthy heart. This is because pet owners, especially those who have dogs, engage in regular exercise, which reduces the risk of obesity. It was also found that those hospitalized for heart failure showed improved cardiopulmonary pressure and less anxiety after a mere 12-minute visit from a therapy dog.

For me personally, I couldn't imagine my life without my two dogs, Rake and Gaelle, who bring me endless happiness and joy. The time that I spend with them walking in the forest is one of my favourite activities, and I find that, with them, I am a healthier and more balanced person. What a blessing animals are!

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I wish you a happy and peaceful day,
Lieve Plasch

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