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Increase your resilience with natural resources.such as Schisandra berry, Nettle, ... Discover it here.

Experience more vitality with Trust Plus herbal drops - Go4balance

Discover the five ingredients from the Trust Plus herbal composition.. 

1. Rosehip

Most of you are familiar with rosehip either from the garden or in a delicious cup of rosehip tea. But did you know that rosehip contains a wealth of vitamins and minerals?
Rosehip is a valuable tonic, a strengthening agent and a great immunity enhancer. Rosehip contains a variety of phytonutrients including Vitamin C*, flavonoids, vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, K, E, and the minerals calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, boron, chlorine, chromium, copper, magnesium, silicon, sulphur and zinc.

* Because the vitamin C in rosehip is combined with flavonoids, it is more readily absorbed than synthetically manufactured ascorbic acid. Vitamin C is a tonic, and a strengthening and invigorating agent. Furthermore, it is an anti-anaemic; a herb that helps to prevent anaemia.

TIP: Trust Plus can be taken during pregnancy and during post-partum recovery. Rosehip is effective against osteoarthritis and arthritis. This is because vitamin C and the flavonoids that support the vitamin C effect are also anti-inflammatory. In addition, rosehip is a strong anti-oxidant, meaning that new joint infections are less likely to occur. Because of this, rosehip is often used in the treatment of rheumatic diseases such as arthritis and osteoarthritis.

2. Marjoram

There are at least 20 different essential oil types contained within the marjoram plant, making it an excellent nerve tonic. Marjoram is a natural antidepressant. What is meant by the parasympathetic and (ortho) sympathetic nervous systems? 

The sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems differ in both construction and function. They usually exert an opposite effect, maintaining balance within the body. The sympathetic nervous system prevails in stress situations. It promotes the functions necessary for strenuous exercise or rapid response: it prepares the body for action. For example, the sympathetic nervous system kicks in when you suddenly have to brake when a cyclist suddenly appears in front of your moving car. This reaction releases stress hormones (adrenaline and noradrenaline). The result is a more rapid heart rate, widening of your pupils, an increased respiratory rate, and muscle tension.
 In short, your body is in alarm phase. After this event, the parasympathetic nervous system takes over. This helps you to recover from the high-stress situation, bringing your body back down to an at-rest state by deepening your breathing and lowering your heart-rate. This system also helps to stabilize and calm our emotional brain. When these two nervous systems are well-balanced, we can move easily from stress to rest. However, due to very active, busy lifestyles, these two nervous systems become completely imbalanced. The sympathetic nervous system is put under great pressure and goes into overdrive, whereby the parasympathetic nervous system needs to work increasingly harder in order to return to a peaceful, at-rest state.

The following imbalances are the result of disrupted, non-harmonious sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems:

• Depression
• Fear
• Sleeping problems
• High blood pressure
• Stress symptoms
• Chronic muscle tension
 • Cardiac symptoms

3. Oats In addition to being a valuable food, oats are also known for their positive effect upon the nervous system. The oat is a mild tranquilizer used for the treatment of insomnia, stress- and anxiety-related palpitations, and loss of concentration. Oats contain a variety of nutrients such as: • Lots of vitamin B1, as well as vitamins B2, B3, B6, E, K, choline, biotin and folic acid (B11) • Lots of calcium and other minerals including magnesium, iron, phosphorus, silicon, potassium, copper, cobalt, manganese, zinc, iodine, chlorine and bromine.

4. Schisandra berry Just like the rose root (Rhodiola) found in Enjoy herbal drops, schisandra is an adaptogenic herb. This means that this plant increases the adaptability of humans to stress factors and strengthens our resistance to stressors. Schisandra has a prominent position in Chinese herbal medicine where many types of superfood are used to increase health as a supportive function, but where schisandra is used as an actual medicine. This superfood has an extremely far-reaching vitalizing effect and treats a broad range of ailments. Schisandra is excellent when you need more physical energy and sharpness of mind. It is a tonic; a strengthening agent that supports all body processes and increases both mental and physical performance. Schisandra is particularly helpful to liver function. Moreover, it protects the liver against potential damage. Previously damaged liver cells also recover more quickly. Schisandra has purifying, detoxifying and digestive-promoting properties. A liver in balance also brings peace to our emotions. People experience less unrest, anger and fear when their liver is in balance.

5. Nettle An important principle in naturopathy is the power of cleansing. This is why many Go4Balance remedies contain nettle. In addition to its great purification powers, nettle also increases vitality. Nettle is bursting with nutrients and is the perfect remedy for those recuperating from any situation or illness. Nettle restores mineral levels and contains iron, silicon, calcium, potassium, boron, sodium, copper, magnesium, zinc, sulphur, manganese, chromium and nitrates. It is also great for hair and skin.

Directions for Use:

Trust Plus is a remedy best used as a course of 8 to 16 weeks. Take these herbal drops at breakfast, lunch and dinner. For adults, I recommend 7 to 10 drops per dose. Warning: Trust Plus should never be combined with anticoagulant therapy (oral anticoagulants).

  TIP: Can be used in children from 36 months of age and is also completely safe for pregnant mothers. This remedy is often combined with other Go4Balance variants such as Trust & Enjoy herbal drops.


Trust Plus is a powerful remedy that strengthens and energizes during times of stress. These herbal drops bring peace through calming the nervous system while revitalizing our bodies on a cellular level. Trust Plus, a remedy for people with an overactive lifestyle, or periods of stress and anxiety. Used to treat the following common complaints/imbalances:

• Fatigue
• Palpitations
• Tension headache
• High blood pressure
• Burn-out
• Low stress-resistance
• Hyperactivity
• Concentration problems
• Sleeping problems
 • Feelings of depression

Do you have any questions? Would you like some personalized advice? You are more than welcome to contact me.

Vibrant greetings🌿,
 Lieve Plasch
 Lic. Psychology

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