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enjoy 45+.
herbal drops - 20ml

I bring comfort during the menopause.

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I bring comfort during the menopause

Hop and black cohosh control hot flashes caused by the menopause.

Take 3×7 to 3×10 Enjoy 45+ herbal drops every day and let nature do its magic.

The hop and black cohosh extracts in Enjoy 45+ herbal drops control physical (hot flashes) and emotional (irritation) symptoms of the menopause, helping you to enjoy this stage of life with complete confidence and radiance.


When should I take Enjoy 45+?

You are an active female of between 45-55 years of age who occasionally wrestles with (pre)menopausal symptoms. You want to enjoy life and feel good, and prefer to do this in as natural a way as possible.

Enjoy 45+ herbal drops contain herbal extracts that provide the following:

• Hop and black cohosh to control hot flashes, irritability and mood swings caused by hormonal changes during the menopause.

• Lemon balm improves mood and increases positivity.

• Lady’s mantle and nettle restore vitality.

• Nettle also works in the urinary system and promotes correct fluid balance.

• Sage enhances mental and physical resilience to stress.

• Sleep well with the relaxing combination of hop, lavender and lemon balm.


The plants used in Enjoy 45+ herbal drops level the peaks of this time of transformation. Hop and black cohosh control the most dominant symptoms of the menopause and so help you take time for yourself. 

The female transition is an opportunity to become complete, without living according to the expectations of the outside world. The physical and emotional energy released for motherhood now becomes available for higher things, it nourishes your soul.

Lady’s mantle and nettle increase your levels of vitality. Use these additional strengths and insights to walk your life path with more self-confidence, self-awareness and self-respect.

Discover our ENJOY cream for external use, a massage cream based on three essential oils with harmonious perfumes.


Hydroalcoholic extracts of lemon balm, lady’s mantle, hop, sage, black cohosh, lavender and nettle – Alc.50% vol.

Consult with your doctor regarding use and length of use.

Warning: Enjoy 45+ herbal drops contain phytoestrogens and should not be taken by those who have suffered from or are currently suffering from endocrinological disorders. If this describes you, opt for Enjoy 45+ MILD herbal drops which are completely phytoestrogen-free.

Not to be used in the presence of liver disorders.

Enjoy 45+ herbal drops  brings comfort during the menopause | Go4balance


Discover more about the ingredients:

Lady's Mantle Lady's mantle is a tonic for women that helps during menstruation.

Hops Hops is a natural remedy that leads to a better night's sleep and strengthens women during menopause.

Black Cohosh Black cohosh is used for hot flashes and irritability due to menopause.

Sage Sage offers comfort in changing moods and discomforts before and during menstruation.

Nettle A great tonic that gives more vitality, even during menopause.

Lemon Balm Lemon balm helps you find calm and inner balance, ideal during stressful periods.

Lavender Lavender is a soothing herb that also supports a healthy night's sleep.

How to use?

Find out here how and how often to use this product.

enjoy 45+ user experiences.

Menopausal symptoms under control. Thanks to the hop and black cohosh I am rid of my hot flashes and irritability. Better in balance with Enjoy 45 plus herbal drops. The good life is back.

enjoy 45+ user from Gouda

Excellent herbs that have really helped me a lot. The menopausal night sweats are a thing of the past with the help of hop and black cohosh; I feel back in control of my emotions (Long Live Lemon Balm!). I definitely recommend these drops to other women. Thank you for the advice and the extensive information.

enjoy 45+ user from Hoorn

The Enjoy 45+ herbal drops are 100% natural, and support me during my hot flashes and sweating at night. In this way, it has relieving me of my menopausal discomforts.

enjoy 45+ user from Tongeren

I've felt uncomfortable for some time - hot flashes, sometimes a bit down and anxious in the night. I've been taking Enjoy 45+ drops and using Enjoy cream on the meridian points listed in the enclosed directions for use. What a feeling of balance these products have given me. I can once again fall into a peaceful sleep and my hot flashes have definitely reduced. I face the day with more positivity and energy. Thank you Lieve for your support and wonderful products.

therapist from Maasmechelen

Ever since I have been taking the Enjoy 45+ herbal drops in order to alleviate my menopausal discomforts, I have been feeling much better! My mood swings are now under control and the hot flushes and sweating at night have significantly decreased.Thank you for introducing me to these wonderful drops.

enjoy 45+ user from Beersel

I discovered the Enjoy 45+ drops at the 'Nature House', and it's been a very meaningful support for my menopausal symptoms. I had previously taken several different plant-based medications, but unfortunately with very little success. These droplets do just fine for me and I was feeling better after just a few days. I occasionally combine them with the Empower drops for more energy. Fine product range!

enjoy 45+ user from Schoten

Hello, Lieve. I have taken Enjoy 45+ drops for a long time as I suffer from multiple pre-menopausal symptoms. The effect of the hop and black cohosh combination works great for me, because the night sweats and mood swings that I experience before my period have been significantly reduced. So much so, I don't even need to take any herbs at the moment.

enjoy 45+ user from Grimbergen

Dear madam, I bought Enjoy 45+ and am extremely satisfied. Within 1 week less hot flashes at night and less of a need to wake up to go to the toilet. Bests wishes, Veerle.

enjoy 45+ user from Antwerpen

I've been using these herbal drops for several weeks and have to say in all honesty that they really work. I can get through the days and nights without mega hot flashes and drenching sweats and I sleep much better at night. I'm very happy with the drops - definitely recommended  ❤ 

enjoy 45+ user from Amsterdam
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